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Who We Are

All Hearts Connected: we recognize the growing need to focus our attention on the deteriorating mental well-being that has been a crisis among military veterans.

Over the years, there have been several initiatives for healthcare and government institutions to bring awareness to this crisis. There is no question that it has grabbed our attention, as we also focus on finding solutions. In our quest to put the pieces together, we seek to focus our attention on the lack of qualified, readily available mental health practitioners and the ability of vets who need their services to have access to them.

A study that was conducted in 2023 states that approximately 2.1 million vets experienced some form of mental health issue. Other stats suggest that the VA has listed about 38% of vets that have had a code on their medical records for common mental disorders. Another study found that about 14% to 16% of vets from Afghanistan and Iraq have been affected by PTSD.



What We Do

It is these types of numbers that fuel our passion to get involved and contribute towards putting the pieces together. Our goal is to find those who have fallen between the cracks and connect them with mental health professionals in the state of Georgia.


 Since we know that government institutions like the Veterans Affairs cannot bear the responsibility alone, we find our cause extremely necessary and valuable in the fight to bring the issue to the forefront and find a lasting solution to this crisis.


 We strongly believe that our effort is a value-added service to the case of taking control of veterans’ mental well-being. We are dedicated to being the bridge between our vets and the care that they need when it comes to their mental health. 

Why We Matter


Sessions are no cost to vets


In-person or remote sessions

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The Reasons Why Veterans Need Therapy

Veterans seek counseling for various reasons, and understanding these motivations is crucial for providing effective support. Explore some common reasons why veterans seek counseling.