Our Services

We partner with well-established practitioners and mental health providers to offer our vets services ranging from psychotherapy, counseling, addiction, and dealing with PTSD. 

Peer Support Programs

We organize peer support programs where veterans with lived experience of mental illness can connect with and support one another. Peer support can provide a sense of camaraderie, understanding, and encouragement.

Counseling and Therapy Services

We offer individual and group counseling services specifically tailored to address the mental health needs of veterans. This can include therapy for PTSD, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and other mental health conditions commonly experienced by veterans.

Workshops and Psychoeducation

AHCF facilitates conducting workshops and psychoeducational sessions on topics such as stress management, coping strategies, communication skills, and resilience-building. These programs can equip veterans with practical tools to manage their mental health challenges.



Community Outreach and Partnerships

Collaborate with local organizations, veteran service agencies, mental health providers, and community stakeholders to expand the reach of your programs and ensure veterans have access to a comprehensive network of support.




Because we are a nonprofit organization, you wouldn’t need to pay anything for the service you receive.

Yes! We use video conferencing apps like Zoom and Google Meet that are HIPAA-compliant, giving you the added ability to join from anywhere, and eliminating the need to commute.

It’s best to begin counseling before things become out of control and overwhelming! By getting counseling before you hit your lowest point, you can keep yourself from ever getting there. Our counselors offer their professional, unbiased perspective in a judgment-free environment to support clients going through personal challenges and help them discover various coping and healing strategies.

The problems you are having are only for you to solve, but a counselor will support you while you work through them and provide you suggestions for coping mechanisms and solutions.

YES!!! Although our practitioners cannot solve the problem for you, what they do is provide essential strategies and suggestions for coping mechanisms and solutions to help you better deal with your issue.

Each counselor has a unique work history, set of skills, background, and specialty. After one of our experienced reps has made contact with you and after gathering basic information, you will be paired with the counselor that most closely matches your preferences and needs. 

Yes, all our counselors are licensed to practice in the state of Georgia.

Some people assume that to solve their difficulties, they will need to attend counseling for months. In actuality, clients usually spend 6–8 sessions working through their most pressing difficulties before returning to the counselor a few times a year to address new issues as they come up.

Take The Leap Now. Grab A Hold Of Your Happiness!

Remember that seeking counseling is a sign of strength, and veterans deserve compassionate care as they navigate these challenges.